2016: phonewatches and phablets

2016 will see the rise of the phonewatch.

A whole bunch of people will want a phonewatch so they can have all the things they need instant access to on their wrist. They are sick of carrying around a smartphone and having to dig it out of their bag a hundred times a day. They may or may not want to carry around a separate device for browsing the internet, chatting or playing games. But if they do, that device will be a tablet as big as is conveniently possible. It must be light, easy to get out and put away and able to be ready to use immediately. Otherwise it will just get left at home.

For those who only want one device, and usually dont take calls or send messages on the fly, they will continue buying phablets between 5 and 6 inches. Big enough to use for most internet things, small enough to go in a pocket. 2015 saw the mobile world establish that convenient form factor. It will continue to be very popular.

2016: phonewatches and phablets

The Android app legacy extension – so you can continue using Android apps

This is about the future: When people are sick of Android unreliability, and other OSes offer a much better user experience – because they dont run on a Virtual Machine. Actually that has already happened, but Android keeps ahead because of functionality and apps.

But, Android will never overcome the disadvantages of its Virtual Machine. Android will keep itself alive because of its apps. For a while, those apps are the only advantage Android will continue to have over other OSes.

Other OSes find themselves trying to catch up with Android apps. Despite having a more stable and better performing platform, Android shows that people most appreciate being able to do a lot of stuff. At the moment Windows is trying to fill its own app store, and there are rumors of a project to run android apps on windows phone. Amazon has already adjusted its own branch of Android so that it can run Android apps.

After about 1 or 2 years, Android will clearly start losing its app advantage. From that point, its days are numbered. Windows and Tizen are working hard to increase their functionality. Android’s party is coming to an end.

The Android app legacy extension – so you can continue using Android apps

Moto360 marketing trick

People who follow the different smartwatches know about the Moto360 “flat tire”. at the bottom of the screen is a thin section that is cut out from the circular display.

the new Moto 360 also has the flat tire. People who love the watch say the flat tire is not unattractive. but lets see what the marketing people think. i copied the following image from pocketnow website, and it shows a leak of the now released Moto 260 second generation smartwatches.


This image shows that the marketing team form Moto360 are absolutely aware that the flat tire is unattractive.

the left watch face flat tire is partially concealed by a distracting reflection. also it is offset by a geometrically balancing red section at the top of the screen.

the right watch face flat tire is dealt with even more forcefully. it has a photoshopped sparkle placed directly over it to conceal it.

Thats an admission of unattractiveness. Sometimes, marketing has no choice but to be conceal a certain characteristic of a product that is undesirable.

Moto360 marketing trick