Moto360 marketing trick

People who follow the different smartwatches know about the Moto360 “flat tire”. at the bottom of the screen is a thin section that is cut out from the circular display.

the new Moto 360 also has the flat tire. People who love the watch say the flat tire is not unattractive. but lets see what the marketing people think. i copied the following image from pocketnow website, and it shows a leak of the now released Moto 260 second generation smartwatches.


This image shows that the marketing team form Moto360 are absolutely aware that the flat tire is unattractive.

the left watch face flat tire is partially concealed by a distracting reflection. also it is offset by a geometrically balancing red section at the top of the screen.

the right watch face flat tire is dealt with even more forcefully. it has a photoshopped sparkle placed directly over it to conceal it.

Thats an admission of unattractiveness. Sometimes, marketing has no choice but to be conceal a certain characteristic of a product that is undesirable.

Moto360 marketing trick

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