Do I need to buy a new laptop?

I have been considering what my device upgrades will be.

If i had a 6 inch fablet, that would actually be able to do most things i need. email, social stuff, browsing, etc. And it is pocketable, which is something i sometimes consider essential, if only for taking photos. I have decided a phone with a good camera is essential, and i will probably not have another camera device.

With a keyboard and mouse attached, and multi window functionality, multitasking across apps is mostly ok.


The 6 inch screen isnt big enough for doing things like editing audio, writing apps. and multitasking is easier on a bigger screen. I cant really get around the fact that i still need a bigger screen, at least 10 inches. But i dont want a 10 inch phone. Also, to do the things i want to do, i need a full version of windows, not mobile.

Its decided, I need a big screen device. But, does it have to be full windows? I can get a full windows PC on a stick, and plug the big screen in. That means i will have 3 devices, still. If i can get a full windows tablet, and a phone with a good camera, then i only need 2 devices.

Its also true that a full size keyboard still cant be beaten for text input.

But there is still functionality overlap. I dont want functionality overlap. This functionality overlap occurs because i can do some things on both large and small screens.

I feel we are still in a transition between traditional computing devices and ones that are much more flexible in providing the functionality required.

Do I need to buy a new laptop?

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