What is Microsoft’s Continuum?

Microsoft’s Continuum is the Windows 10 Mobile OS ‘desktop mode’.

It allows the mobile OS to efficiently use a large screen, with a mouse and keyboard.

It isnt the same as full Windows 10 OS. Its a basic desktop experience from a compact mobile OS.

Windows 10 Mobile is a small OS designed to run on mobile ARM processors. It cant do all the things full Windows 10 can do. It has essential code to do things a mobile device should do. It can run any windows store apps made available for the mobile version. It doesnt allow you to use desktop OS apps like those used on windows 7 or Vista.

Full Windows 10 OS is a huge OS that usually takes up more than 20 to 30 GB on a computer, and cannot run on mobile ARM processors (yet). It has a lot of code to do a lot of stuff.

What is Microsoft’s Continuum?

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