Laptop with HDD: Battery Life Trick

This describes a little trick to get more battery life out of a laptop with a HDD

Recently my PNY SSD died after only 2 years, and i have put the original HDD back in my laptop.

This immediately resulted in a massive drop in performance and battery life. With the SSD i would get around 4 hours battery life. with the HDD it went down to about 2.5 hours. And the startup time more than doubled, as did a lot of things the laptop did. Oh how i miss my SSD – it made it seem like i had a snappy laptop.

Yet, i did work out a little trick to get an extra half to one hour out of my laptop battery. I noticed how much the HDD was being accessed, but i didnt actually require this to do the tasks i was doing. So i put all the files i needed to work on on a USB2 drive. After opening the files i needed, i closed the file explorer. As soon as i closed the file explorer, the amount my HDD was accessed reduced a lot.

I can get an extra half hour or more out of my battery. its not nothing.

Laptop with HDD: Battery Life Trick