Windows OS: stuck cursor location

I had a cursor experience that I name “anarchic cursor”.

SUMMARY: the screen digitizer hardware stopped working properly and was sending random touches to the computer.

My cursor got stuck in the top left corner and using wither my mouse or touchpad couldn’t get the cursor to move far away from that, for long. the cursor would just snap back to the corner. There was also visual feedback in the top corner, of clicks and taps at the location it was stuck in. Later on the visual feedback also showed clicks down the left side of the screen, directly below the location of the original top left point.

Clearly, this was an issue of false clicks, generated either by hardware or software.

  • I tried using only the mouse, and only the touchpad. no change.
  • I noticed that the frequency of the error changed over time, and the location spread down the left side. This was not a consistent error. This suggests a hardware cause, rather than software.
  • I searched online on another device for clues. Some solutions were software based, some were hardware. but it seemed to have a variety of causes.

Eventually, there was a period that the error was so bad that I couldn’t even sign in to an account, and I couldn’t do anything. I shut my laptop in frustration. When I opened it moments later, and pressed the button to wake it, the problem was gone.

For my device, the issue was caused by hardware. It is likely the laptop touchscreen digitizer electronics were generating false clicks. The shock of a firm lid closing seemed to stop the false clicks. But this may also be an indication of the age of my laptop, and the flex cable that connects the screen and digitizer to the laptop board. If I get this issue again and it is more persistent, I will try cleaning the connections. If that doesn’t change the error behavior at all, I will investigate further.

Of all the different things I have read, it seemed there were these causes:

  • certain OEM software placed on the computer by the manufacturer, interfered with the cursor displaying properly.
  • generic mouse/touchpad/digitizer drivers from windows clashed somehow with certain brands, and was fixed by installing drivers downloaded from the OEM website. Later versions of Windows 10 are good at installing the correct drivers for the brand and model. It is likely that downloading drivers from OEM websites is a thing of the past for most people.
  • hardware issues causing false clicks, generated by the laptop electronics for the touchscreen digitizer, touchpad digitizer or mouse.
Windows OS: stuck cursor location

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