Windows10 Update deleted my pics/docs! (it didnt really)

onedrivepictures folder in my pcUPDATE: This issue is was caused by a user account being damaged by the upgrade. The easiest fix is to back up all the files in the user account, remove it and create a new one. The following info will explain where your account files went …

After receiving the fall creators update of windows 10, I noticed that the pictures and documents folders in MyPC had become copies of the ones in the onedrive folder.

And the contents of the folders had 2017-10-21 users folder documents and picturesdisappeared. Not an ideal result.

But I found them.

Local Disk (C:) > Users > UserAccountName

The folders had exactly the same name as before, which made it extra confusing. But the contents were the same as before the update, not the same as the OneDrive version.

UPDATE: This is an error that has happened to some people that received the Fall Creators Update. Its not supposed to be this way.

The correct fix for this problem is to delete and recreate the accounts you want to repair.

Its a bit of a hassle, but it will fix the error, and probably clean up a bit of account mess in the background:

  1. Back up the files in the account you want to fix. Make sure you back up all the folders and files in MyPC that will be permanently deleted. Also back up all the files in OneDrive if you want to copy them back and avoid syncing all that data. And do that anyway just to be safe.
  2. delete the account you want to fix.
  3. restart the computer. Should not be necessary, but a restart here will just be that extra bit of cleaning up before making the new account. Its just good practice in these very early clunky days of human computing.
  4. recreate the account. copy your files back into their desired locations.


If you don’t want to delete and recreate each affected account ….

What can be done? Here is one solution, but it is NOT IDEAL … its a clunky workaround that will probably be a continuing source of problems.

I right clicked on those 2 folders and added them to the library of the corresponding name. Then in file explorer I right clicked in the left pane and selected “show libraries”.

Then in libraries I could see both folders are there with identical names, but different content. This is not the most ideal situation.

I renamed the folders in “Users”, to LocalPictures and LocalDocuments.

2017-10-21 library documents and pictures

This made the library show these names and its easier for me to see which folder is which.

Im not sure if this is happening to everyone that upgrades, but I sure wish to have a location only for local pictures and local documents, that are not synced to OneDrive.

I would prefer that the folders in MyPC were always local only, and separate from any OneDrive folders.

The default Documents folder, for apps that create folders and save files, is now the OneDrive folder – which is synced. Before the update, apps created folders in the local one by default. You may want to change this location in the app settings, if possible.

Windows10 Update deleted my pics/docs! (it didnt really)

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