Sun Monitor

Sun Monitor app is an easy way to monitor solar activity on your device start screen and in appstart2017-04-25

  • Multiple secondary tiles automatically update at the frequency you control
  • Control your data use
  • “Sun Monitor” for Windows 10 (Desktop, Mobile and Holo)
  • “Sun Monitor WP” for Windows Phone 8.1
    • WP8.1 is no longer supported by Microsoft, “Sun Monitor WP” will probably not receive feature updates. It has been updated to use images that are likely to remain available in the long term.

Image selection update 2017-09

  • The SDO website has changed an image filename that was used in the app. It may be the case that other composite images will also receive new filenames. The app has been updated to use only single frequency images.

Main Screenmain2017-04-25

  • The main page has a viewport for the selected image
  • Pinch-zoom (or ctrl-mousewheel) to zoom in and out
  • Tap a thumbnail image to view it in the viewport
  • Hold a thumbnail image to bring up the options menu for that image
    • Choose that image to load when the page opens (1°)
    • Force this image to re-download and refresh

Settings Screensettings2017-04-25

  • Control how often images update, and how much data you use. You can turn off all updates, and control if metered/cellular data is used
  • Images and Graphs update only when the main page is opened. If you don’t open the main page, these images wont download
  • Tiles download in the background, whenever there is internet – according to the frequency in the settings.
  • Revert to default app settings for default viewport image, tile images and update settings

Enable Live Tile (Windows 8.1 only)lock screen ss trim

  • In WindowsPhone 8.1, add Sun Monitor to the lock screen, to allow automatic live tile updates. Not necessary for Windows 10.

Info Pageinfo page ss - half

The Info page includes some explanation about the images, and links to more information if you want to learn more

Data Use Info

  • If using DataSense – downloads are blocked if over the set limit
  • Main Page full image set is about 4MB
    • downloads only when page opens – if settings allow
    • use settings to control update frequency
  • Graphs image set is about 40KB
  • Tiles download
    • separate downloads from the main page
    • only the images required for the pinned tiles
    • smaller image file sizes – about 20KB each

Installing to SD cards

  • The Sun Monitor App doesn’t prevent installation to SD cards
  • Settings > Storage Sense > Store New Apps On My
  • On some devices, it is not possible due to device capability
  • Not all SD cards work properly with Windows devices. If you cannot copy music to your SD card and listen to it, there may be a problem with the SD card

Troubleshooting – In App

  • PFSS211 image doesn’t update:
    • for some reason, the PFSS211 image is no longer auto-generated. Sun Monitor downloads an old image again and again.
    • PFSS211 is no longer used in the latest Sun Monitor version.
    • update Sun Monitor app from the store, to get the new image set.

Troubleshooting – Live Tiles

  • After updating from the store, live tiles stop working:
    • check in settings>lock screen that Sun Monitor is added to the lock screen – you may need to add it again.
  • If you just pinned the tile in Windows Phone:
    • wait until the next timed tile update
    • you can force the tile update from the Sun Monitor settings page
    • check in settings>battery saver that Sun Monitor background tasks are enabled
    • check in settings>lock screen that Sun Monitor is added to the lock screen
  • If resizing the tile doesn’t show the image, the tile has not been updated
    • check if your data is over the DataSense limit
    • check if you have an appropriate internet connection
    • confirm if cell or metered data use is not checked on the settings page
    • force the tile to update from the settings page button
  • The live tile doesn’t update when internet access resumes
    • eventually, it will update, according to the settings
    • if you want, force the tiles to update form the settings page
  • The Tile receives the updated image, but doesn’t show it, and resizing the tile reveals the latest image
    • Update Sun Monitor to the latest version. This issue has been fixed in the latest version.

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