Sun Monitor

Sun Monitor app is an easy way to monitor solar activity on your device start screen and in appstart2017-04-25

  • Multiple secondary tiles automatically update at the frequency you control
  • Control your data use
  • “Sun Monitor” for Windows 10 (Desktop, Mobile and Holo)
  • “Sun Monitor WP” for Windows Phone 8.1

Main Screenmain2017-04-25

  • The main page has a viewport for the selected image
  • Pinch-zoom (or ctrl-mousewheel) to zoom in and out
  • Tap a thumbnail image to view it in the viewport
  • Hold a thumbnail image to bring up the options menu for that image
    • Choose that image to load when the page opens (1°)
    • Force this image to re-download and refresh

Settings Screensettings2017-04-25

  • Control how often images update, and how much data you use. You can turn off all updates, and control if metered/cellular data is used
  • Images and Graphs update only when the main page is opened. If you don’t open the main page, these images wont download
  • Tiles download in the background, whenever there is internet – according to the frequency in the settings.
  • Revert to default app settings for default viewport image, tile images and update settings

Enable Live Tile (Windows 8.1 only)lock screen ss trim

  • In WindowsPhone 8.1, add Sun Monitor to the lock screen, to allow automatic live tile updates. Not necessary for Windows 10.

Info Pageinfo page ss - half

The Info page includes some explanation about the images, and links to more information if you want to learn more

Data Use Info

  • If using DataSense – downloads are blocked if over the set limit
  • Main Page full image set is about 4MB
    • downloads only when page opens – if settings allow
    • use settings to control update frequency
  • Graphs image set is about 40KB
  • Tiles download
    • separate downloads from the main page
    • only the images required for the pinned tiles
    • smaller image file sizes – about 20KB each

Installing to SD cards

  • The Sun Monitor App doesn’t prevent installation to SD cards
  • Settings > Storage Sense > Store New Apps On My
  • On some devices, it is not possible due to device capability
  • Not all SD cards work properly with Windows devices. If you cannot copy music to your SD card and listen to it, there may be a problem with the SD card

Troubleshooting – In App

  • PFSS211 image doesn’t update:
    • for some reason, the PFSS211 image is no longer auto-generated. Sun Monitor downloads an old image again and again.
    • PFSS211 is no longer used in the latest Sun Monitor version.
    • update Sun Monitor app from the store, to get the new image set.

Troubleshooting – Live Tiles

  • After updating from the store, live tiles stop working:
    • check in settings>lock screen that Sun Monitor is added to the lock screen – you may need to add it again.
  • If you just pinned the tile in Windows Phone:
    • wait until the next timed tile update
    • you can force the tile update from the Sun Monitor settings page
    • check in settings>battery saver that Sun Monitor background tasks are enabled
    • check in settings>lock screen that Sun Monitor is added to the lock screen
  • If resizing the tile doesn’t show the image, the tile has not been updated
    • check if your data is over the DataSense limit
    • check if you have an appropriate internet connection
    • confirm if cell or metered data use is not checked on the settings page
    • force the tile to update from the settings page button
  • The live tile doesn’t update when internet access resumes
    • eventually, it will update, according to the settings
    • if you want, force the tiles to update form the settings page
  • The Tile receives the updated image, but doesn’t show it, and resizing the tile reveals the latest image
    • Update Sun Monitor to the latest version. This issue has been fixed in the latest version.

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