Sun Monitor Privacy Policy

The smartphone app Sun Monitor does not collect or sell any user data or personal information.

Sun Monitor uses internet access on the device:

  • Sun Monitor only downloads data to display images about solar activity. No other data is downloaded to the app or device.
  • Sun Monitor does not upload any data from the app or device.

Please be aware:

Google (Android), Microsoft (Windows), Apple (iOS), Samsung (Tizen) and other OS providers, collect some data about application use. Some of this data is available to kodintent. Device Manufacturers also collect information about the use of their devices.

  • kodintent has no influence over the data collected by OS providers and device manufacturers.
  • kodintent can see app use data, such as installation and demographic statistics, in the OS app store developer¬†interface. kodintent cannot see any individual data, such as demographic information about an individual user or device.
  • If the OS provider gives kodintent information about application crashes or failures, only the device type and information about the app code error is available to kodintent. No information that can identify the individual device or user is available to kodintent.