Virtual Reality will replace the Computer Screen

In a few years we will see computers without screens.

Users will begin to use their mobile devices as their computer screens, using VR and AR.

Inside VR, the user can have a screen, or separate app windows. They can be resized, moved anywhere in view, placed behind each other, etc. The VR tech just needs to know where the users fingertips are. Throwing files into the trash will be like a game.

A real or virtual keyboard and mouse can be used. Either way, it will be seen in VR, or in reality with devices like the HoloLens (Augmented Reality). VR will also allow users to benefit from new ways of using their hands as input devices. New gestures will include whole hand and arm, leg and body movements. VR objects will also respond to voice commands. You wont have to get up to trash those files that missed when you threw, flicked or flung them. Just point and say, just like having superpowers. Extendable VR arms would also work.

Certainly, for safety reasons, our devices will have to tell us when we are back in the real world, and remind us that we no longer have superpowers.

Current mobile devices don’t yet have enough processing power to manage the resolution to make small text readable on a virtual screen, but this isn’t too many years away. Accessories like keyboards, and other input devices and body tracking can be linked to the device wirelessly. There is no need for any cables except for power sources – as long as we are using lithium batteries for power, this will be an issue.

So theres something new to look forward to, and remind us that human technology development moves too slowly, even these days. We want it now.

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Virtual Reality will replace the Computer Screen

Windows 10: upgrade vs clean install

If your computer came with windows pre-installed, Upgrade first! You can clean install later, once your windows license key is registered as receiving the windows 10 upgrade. You can do a clean install immediately, but you will need to enter your windows product license key (not your product ID).

When I upgraded my laptop to windows 10, it went very smoothly, and windows performed well immediately.

Later I did a clean install. I did this because my installation of windows 10 was upgraded from an already messy windows 8.1 installation, with gigabytes of stuff leftover from installing and uninstalling software over a year or two. It was taking up 20 to 30 gb more than it really needed to. About half of the usable space on my drive.

Doing a clean install was quite different than doing an upgrade. It went easily with the USB I made using the media creation tool (for windows 10). Theres a separate media creation tool for windows 8 etc, but ive also seen screen shots of a media creation tool that has all versions in the list.

Once it first booted into windows 10 after the clean install, it went really slow. Not like the upgrade at all. Yet, after doing a lot of stuff that it was obviously very busy with, it sped up to what was expected. So, what was going on? On initial startup, a lot of stuff needed to be done…

  • Each software package had to be setup for the individual machine, which includes creating a cache of settings and content that is required for something to start quickly.
  • System components have to go through the same setup process.
  • Windows downloaded and installed updates.
  • Windows downloaded and installed the default windows apps (including bloatware such as soda crush saga or whatever its called)
  • And probably other things I don’t know about.

One example on my computer is the sleep function. After the clean install, my shutdown menu didn’t have sleep. Yet, after a while, it appeared in the menu. Its just a matter of noticing that windows is extremely busy, and accepting it will be unresponsive. It just needs to be left alone for a while to get all of the things on its list done. On my laptop it took about half an hour for it to become usable.

Once all the updating was done, my laptop worked just as well as after the upgrade – without GB of whatever it was. its hard to tell the difference in performance. But i have a lot more space. I have a copy of the pre-upgrade system, just in case i need to get something from it, such as fonts or drivers. I recommend keeping a copy of the pre-upgrade system.


Windows 10: upgrade vs clean install

Cheap laptop replacement keyboards on ebay

Today i replaced my laptop keyboard with a cheap replacement from ebay. My original keyboard “b” key had failed.

I followed a youtube video for how to do it for a model like mine, and it works fine. I am happy to do things like that myself, and i usually end up with something that still works.

However, there are some things you should know:

  • the new keyboard did not fix my typing dyslexia.
  • laptop keyboards are replaceable, but it may not be the same as before.
  • you can do it yourself if you have some basic repair skills.
  • watch videos about how to do it, for the device you will do it on, because that will let you know if you are really able to do it, and what tools are required. try to find more than one video, because different people use different tools and sometimes miss important information.
  • avoid really cheap tools, especially screwdrivers. the metal is too soft and will get damaged easily and damage the screws easily. for example,the really cheap small screwdriver sets that are really cheap and have looked the same for decades – avoid using them.

Laptop keyboards are replaceable, but that isnt really made easy by manufacturers. In my case, the original keyboard was held in place by plastic tabs that were melted in place at the factory. replacing the keyboard means breaking these plastic tabs. with a bit of effort and the right tools, these plastic tabs can be replaced also. without replacing these tabs, my keyboard still works, but the larger keys are a little misshaped, because they arent being held up properly from underneath.

IMG_0713 crop 30pc

This is especially noticeable for the space and shift keys. Perhaps in the future i will try to redo the plastic tabs.

Cheap laptop replacement keyboards on ebay

USB: Usually Starts Backward

Its nice that the USB people decided to make a reversible version for USB type C. The non-reversible but externally symmetrical USB type A is one of the most annoying things about human computer technology ever devised.

Lets clear up the shape and speed for USB. the numbers refer to the speed. thats USB 1, 2 and 3. The letters refer to the shape. thats A B and C.

A is the bad one.  USB Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!

USB A is limited to 5V. But the new USB C can do 20V up to 5A. thats up to 100W. Well, SOME OF THEM CAN. Nothing is simple in USB land. As soon as you start looking at the details, things go downhill fast.

You would expect USB 3 to always use the fastest speed, USB 3. But not always. Some devices use USB C with USB 2 speed. grrrr! Watch out for that one!!!

Great, USB has become reversible, which has taken forever. But there are many pitfalls for anyone not reading the fine print. Well done USB people, keeping the standards messy and confusing.


USB: Usually Starts Backward