Finally some of us back up our files

For decades, tech journalists and IT professionals kept telling us to back up our files.

Mostly, we didn’t.

It was just too much hassle.

Now, finally, a more powerful motivator has arisen. Malware. Especially ransomware (even pretend ransomware).

All over the world, millions are backing up their data.


Then, when the media tells us once again that the internet will die, we back it up again. Once. And get back to whatever social media we use.

A small minority will take some thought to the issue of backing up, and decide to use some cloud drive for some important files. Purely for the purpose of being able to stop worrying about backing up files – or because the files are legally important.

However, many of us will just have some old backups that correspond to the time of global ransomware attacks.

Finally some of us back up our files

USB: Usually Starts Backward

Its nice that the USB people decided to make a reversible version for USB type C. The non-reversible but externally symmetrical USB type A is one of the most annoying things about human computer technology ever devised.

Lets clear up the shape and speed for USB. the numbers refer to the speed. thats USB 1, 2 and 3. The letters refer to the shape. thats A B and C.

A is the bad one.  USB Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!

USB A is limited to 5V. But the new USB C can do 20V up to 5A. thats up to 100W. Well, SOME OF THEM CAN. Nothing is simple in USB land. As soon as you start looking at the details, things go downhill fast.

You would expect USB 3 to always use the fastest speed, USB 3. But not always. Some devices use USB C with USB 2 speed. grrrr! Watch out for that one!!!

Great, USB has become reversible, which has taken forever. But there are many pitfalls for anyone not reading the fine print. Well done USB people, keeping the standards messy and confusing.


USB: Usually Starts Backward