Virtual Reality will replace the Computer Screen

In a few years we will see computers without screens.

Users will begin to use their mobile devices as their computer screens, using VR and AR.

Inside VR, the user can have a screen, or separate app windows. They can be resized, moved anywhere in view, placed behind each other, etc. The VR tech just needs to know where the users fingertips are. Throwing files into the trash will be like a game.

A real or virtual keyboard and mouse can be used. Either way, it will be seen in VR, or in reality with devices like the HoloLens (Augmented Reality). VR will also allow users to benefit from new ways of using their hands as input devices. New gestures will include whole hand and arm, leg and body movements. VR objects will also respond to voice commands. You wont have to get up to trash those files that missed when you threw, flicked or flung them. Just point and say, just like having superpowers. Extendable VR arms would also work.

Certainly, for safety reasons, our devices will have to tell us when we are back in the real world, and remind us that we no longer have superpowers.

Current mobile devices don’t yet have enough processing power to manage the resolution to make small text readable on a virtual screen, but this isn’t too many years away. Accessories like keyboards, and other input devices and body tracking can be linked to the device wirelessly. There is no need for any cables except for power sources – as long as we are using lithium batteries for power, this will be an issue.

So theres something new to look forward to, and remind us that human technology development moves too slowly, even these days. We want it now.

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Virtual Reality will replace the Computer Screen

Do I need to buy a new laptop?

I have been considering what my device upgrades will be.

If i had a 6 inch fablet, that would actually be able to do most things i need. email, social stuff, browsing, etc. And it is pocketable, which is something i sometimes consider essential, if only for taking photos. I have decided a phone with a good camera is essential, and i will probably not have another camera device.

With a keyboard and mouse attached, and multi window functionality, multitasking across apps is mostly ok.


The 6 inch screen isnt big enough for doing things like editing audio, writing apps. and multitasking is easier on a bigger screen. I cant really get around the fact that i still need a bigger screen, at least 10 inches. But i dont want a 10 inch phone. Also, to do the things i want to do, i need a full version of windows, not mobile.

Its decided, I need a big screen device. But, does it have to be full windows? I can get a full windows PC on a stick, and plug the big screen in. That means i will have 3 devices, still. If i can get a full windows tablet, and a phone with a good camera, then i only need 2 devices.

Its also true that a full size keyboard still cant be beaten for text input.

But there is still functionality overlap. I dont want functionality overlap. This functionality overlap occurs because i can do some things on both large and small screens.

I feel we are still in a transition between traditional computing devices and ones that are much more flexible in providing the functionality required.

Do I need to buy a new laptop?